Employee Background Checks

Managing Employment Risk at the workplace

Getting background screening done for new hires is essential and Vurke can help you in over 200+ countries and territories.

Protect Your Organization

  • Effectively managing risk of new hires without an HR team and resources is difficult and time consuming.
  • That’s why we recommend outsourcing this function to Vurke.

  • Our background screening can help inform your hiring decision makers, without taking up valuable HR time.
  • We verify your candidate’s details, experience and qualifications, then present the results to you in a detailed report.
  • Start to safeguard your workplace and mitigate your employment risk more efficiently today.

Background Checks by Vurke

Background Screening options include:

  • Current and previous employment checks
  • Reference checks
  • Education degree verification
  • Professional qualification verification
  • Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) verification

Vurke Provides Your Organization

  • Global reach, covering over 200 countries and territories.
  • Wherever and however your people work, we’ve got you covered.
  • We screen in around 200 countries and territories and support candidates in multiple languages.
  • Our single platform provides a consistent candidate experience and one client portal for your whole global workforce.
  • We work in strict adherence to industry recognized standards.
  • We use high quality sources, such as government and direct sources where possible, to provide accurate data verifications.
  • We take data security seriously.
  • Your candidates can submit their information securely from their computer, laptop or mobile device.

Compliance-driven Solutions

Our intelligent technology automatically tailors our services to ensure that our processing of searches and verifications are compliant with local laws.
We have the industry knowledge and international reach to support your global employment screening, whoever you are and wherever you work.

Trusted by many, across the globe.

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