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User agrees not to modify, move, add to, delete, tamper, manipulate, or otherwise disrupt Vurke’s Web site or the information contained in Vurke’s Web site, including by not circumventing Vurke technical controls and security measures. User also agrees not to decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or unlawfully use, modify, copy or reproduce any of the software, copyrighted or trademarked material, trade secrets, or other proprietary or confidential information contained in the Site. By using or accessing this web site you agree that other than with respect to the non-scheduled, non-recurring collection of data done with the express consent of the applicable company or individual, you will not access the Site in a manner that sends more requests to Vurke servers than a human can reasonably produce in the same period of time or collect or harvest any personally identifiable information.


Third Party Information


Although Vurke monitors the information on the Site, some of the information is supplied by independent third parties. While Vurke makes every effort to insure the accuracy of all information on the Site, Vurke makes no warranty as to the accuracy of any such information.


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No Warranties


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Limitation of Liability


Under no circumstances shall Vurke be liable for any damages suffered by you, including any incidental, special or consequential damages (including, without limitation, any lost profits or damages for business interruption, loss of information, programs or other data) that result from access to, use of, or inability to use this site or due to any breach of security associated with the transmission of information through the internet, even if Vurke was advised of the possibility of such damages. Vurke shall not be liable for any claims, damages or losses as a result of you sharing or allowing access to your authentication.


Protecting the privacy of our clients and users of our Sites is important to Vurke. The Vurke Web Site Privacy Statement describes how we use and protect information you provide to us.


Data transmitted to and from Vurke client Sites is encrypted for the user’s protection. However, the security of information transmitted through the Internet can never be guaranteed. Vurke is not responsible for any interception or interruption of any communications through the Internet or for changes to or losses of data. User is responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of any password, username or ID, or other form of user authentication required by Vurke (“Authentication”) involved in obtaining access to password protected or secure areas of VURKE sites and shall not disclose any confidential account access credentials or confidential information to Unauthorized Third Parties. An “Unauthorized Third Party” refers to any third party or business that seeks to access or accesses Vurke sites or systems using the account credentials (e.g., username and password) of an Vurke client or client employee, regardless of the their purported consent, in order to access, copy or obtain Vurke information, whether such information is accessed, copied or obtained by an automated data gathering program or by other means, including data scrapers, data aggregators and any third parties seeking to monetize data obtained from Vurke without Vurke’s express consent. In order to protect you and your data, Vurke may suspend your use of a client site, without notice, pending an investigation, if any such unauthorized disclosure or use or breach of security is suspected.

Transmission of Personal Data

User acknowledges and agrees that by providing Vurke with any personal information through the Site, user consents to the transmission of such personal user information over international borders as necessary for processing in accordance with Vurke’s standard business practices and the Vurke Web Site Privacy Statement.

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Jurisdiction/Governing Law

These Terms shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates, and applicable federal laws without regard to conflicts of law principles. User agrees that any and all proceedings relating to this site and the subject matter contained herein shall be maintained in the courts of the United Arab Emirates. © Copyright 2023 VURKE, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.