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Vurke is specialized in providing Human Resource services, we have a large pool of skilled IT and Non-IT resources and a comprehensive payroll solution. Vurke offers a complete solution to support human resource and payroll services. We realize and accept that this experience varies in each company’s HR department. Therefore our services range from validating and resolving simple issues to more complex matters in a highly responsive manner.

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Outsourcing the payroll processing function

We have created a comprehensive solution of administrative systems; tools, procedures, and supports. As a result, it will liberate HR Executives from day-to-day personnel administration. Because then they will be able to focus their attention on where it should be. Hr gets more time to focus on the role of developing and incorporating people in the strategic management of your company.


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Our cloud-based payroll services include:

  • Payroll processing
  • Filing and paying payroll taxes
  • Syncs easily with your accounting software, time and attendance systems
  • Facilitate time-off requests and approval process
  • Employees can access the online system to view their payroll
  • Check payroll from any device
  • Detailed and in-depth analysis of data

Better and efficient payroll management process:

  • Streamlined processes and faster turnaround time
  • 24/7 support through entire employee life-cycle, from  date of joining to exit
  • Consolidated, error-free documents and reports with sharper business intelligence
  • Lower risk related to compliance and penalties
  • Better resource deployment
  • Decreased IT infrastructure investment
  • Speedy resolution of employee issues




  • Multi-lingual, Multi-currency

  • Hybrid Outsourcing Model

  • Fully automated payroll

  • Cloud-based, self-service portal

  • Integrated Platforms for Better Management

  • Real-Time Payroll Analytics for Better Decision Making

  • Fully encrypted data to avoid cyber threats

  • Keep your books organized

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refined to meet local needs, culture, language and understanding.

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